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Cyndi Perry

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Cyndi Perry

Being naturally calm and levelheaded, Cyndi tries to bring that same calmness to her clients as they navigate together the sometimes not-so-easy-going process of buying or selling a home. With a strong work ethic and thorough attention to detail, Cyndi makes sure that her clients feel not only well informed but also listened to. Focusing on their needs and wants is top priority and her peace-making, kind and genuine personality helps her successfully meet them in the most positive way possible.

Cyndi is known for her “can-do” spirit and demonstrates it in everything she does. She appreciates people who do what they say they’ll do and is especially inspired by those who have overcome significant challenges in their lives. One of her favorite examples is Ellen Degeneres who has pushed through adversity and remained true to herself. Cyndi’s mother, however, is by far her biggest inspiration, modeling a great balance of hard work and hard play, even before it was a “thing”. Most recently, Cyndi completed her Associate’s Degree at Arapahoe Community College (with a 3.97 GPA, by the way!) and is working on her Bachelor’s Degree at CU Denver. She loves reminding her children that you’re never too old for an education and that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

A Colorado native and one of the first residents of Highlands Ranch, Cyndi has spent all of her life here with the exception of three years in Orlando, Florida where she met her husband. She was away from our beautiful state (and Broncos football!) long enough to know that she wanted to return here to raise her family and had a little problem convincing her husband to make the move.

When not working towards seamless real estate transactions, you will find Cyndi playing volleyball or skiing whenever she gets the chance. Her free time is mostly spent at her son’s flag football games or her daughter’s soccer matches. They love to camp as a family, but Cyndi is also a romantic at heart and loves an occasional chick-flick or following The Bachelor or Bachelorette.

Cyndi is proud of her ability to earn a degree while working and raising a family and hopes to build her real estate business in a way that allows her family to realize even more of their dreams.

After a friend lost a child to suicide, Cyndi found a passion for helping others by becoming an advocate for and spreading awareness about teen depression and suicide. She is also a country music fan, looks forward to another championship Broncos season, and loves to travel. She and her family drive to Florida every few years to see relatives and she somehow managed to visit Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean without a passport. (Ask her about it sometime!) What’s at the top of her travel bucket list? A girls’ trip to Paris with her daughter, mother, sister, and niece.

Words Cyndi lives by: “Have courage and be kind.” Simple, yet powerful.

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